Zimbra Mail Server
Small Paket
$99.9/ Annual
Starter package for businesses that do not use a lot of mail.
Medium Pack
$169.9/ Annual
Preferred Package!
The ideal package for medium mail companies.
Big Pack
$/ Annual
Professional Pack!
Professional package for businesses that use a lot of mail.
Private Cloud Server
Ram - CPU 4 GB Ram - 4 CPU 8 GB Ram - 6 CPU 12 GB Ram - 10 CPU
Disk Space 50GB Disk Space 100GB Disk Space 250GB Disk Space
Free SSL
Git Support
Admin Control Panel
User Control Panel
User Web Interface
Unlimited Domain
Unlimted Mail Account
Spam Protection
24/7 Support
Turkey Location
Full Compatibility With Outlook
Compatibility with All Mobile Devices
Contact! Contact! Contact!

Why Zimbra Mail Server?

With a mail server of your own, you can manage your mail traffic without any problems or interruptions. You can use Zimbra mail server with easy management and advanced features.

24/7 Support

SiberDC provides you with 24/7 support for all your problems on mail servers, so that you do not experience mail problems.

Uninterrupted Service
Fast Mail Sending

You can send and receive mail instantly from your private mail server. You won't get stuck in any queue on your server.

Instant Interaction
Easy Management

Thanks to the advanced web mail interface, you can enter the web interface and send mail from any device 24/7.

Enhanced Web Interface

What is Zimbra Mail Server?
  • Zimbra mail server is a workgroup work platform built on Linux platforms that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes email platforms. Zimbra is an Open Source (open source) project, and then it is a plaform produced with Zimbra Professional Edition, Zimbra Network Edition and Zimbra Hosted Editions, which are commercially marketed with the Open Source version.

Why Zimbra Mail Server?
  • Zimbra; It easily syncs your Mailbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Files and many more devices from your Smartphone, Tablet or iPad and Desktop or Laptop running Windows, Linux or OS X. In addition to being free, it is quite performance on the Linux base.

Don't Let Spam Scare You!
  • To keep spam bots away, Zimbra Postscreen leaves more SMTP server processes for legitimate clients and delays the onset of the server's overload conditions. Thanks to the advanced spam filter, the spam that bother you is getting history with a single click ...


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