DDOS Protected Unlimited VDS
Turkey, Germany, France, unlimited traffic with America location options, and a 99% uptime guarantee and our DDOS protected virtual server at your disposal. Linux or Windows based operating system can be installed according to your request. Servers are ready in a few minutes with automatic setup. Thanks to the full management panel, you can perform 24/7 format, open, close and reset operations.

Why should I buy VDS?

VDS packages are entry-level and budget-friendly servers that help take your business one click further. With the best prices, SiberDC offers you DDoS protected virtual server packages.

Root Access

Virtual servers are under your control at the ``root`` level. You can configure and manage the servers as you wish.

Full Root
Instant Delivery

SiberDC Turkey, France and the United States uses the automated installation location server and delivered instantly to you when you ordered it.

Fast Delivery
%99.9 Uptime

We offer a 99.9% guarantee at all locations. We keep your business active 24/7 without interruption or disruption. Your infrastructure is always safe with SiberDC!

Uptime Guarantee

General Questions About Virtual Servers

We answered the most questions from you. You can ask any other questions you have in mind to our support team 24/7.

How Can I Manage My Virtual Server?
  • If your virtual server is based on Linux based on your operating system, you can manage PuTTY, if it is a windows based system, you can connect via Remote Desktop and manage it 24/7. You can also turn your server on and off from our control panel and format your server at any time.

  • The country that writes in the location in the virtual servers is the place where the server is hosted. For example, a server location Turkey Turkey 'also bar. The servers you will purchase from the USA, France and Germany locations are located on the territory of that country and use the internet infrastructure of that country.

How good is the DDoS protectino?
  • Your servers are secure with true DDOS protection. With our advanced TCP / UDP protection, we provide 99% protection at Layer 3 and 4 levels in your apps or games. We provide Layer 7 level HTTP Flood protection for your websites.

About Ping
  • If you open a game server, you need to be the location of Turkey, we recommend low ping. Turkey external Precision game may experience problems in other locations to be given via ping +70. If you are running a website or any application (not pinged), you can get the virtual server package that best suits your budget. Ping or location is not important for websites or similar applications.


Any questions? We have precise answers.
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