Gelişmiş DDoS Protection

Cyber Attack no longer scares you. SiberDC is always with you.

  • Layer 3 and 4 Level Protection
  • IP Based Protection
  • Custom Port Protection
  • Packet Filtering
  • TCP + UDP Protection
  • Private Protection for Games
  • IP Filtering
  • Rule according to request
  • Layer 7 Protection
  • WAF Service
  • HTTP FLOOD Protection
  • Website Security
  • DDoS Protection
  • Botnet Protection
  • SYN Spoofing Protection
  • Ters Proxy System

And More

DDoS attacks do not affect server and data security.

Protect your system and your business. To protect against cyber attacks, you can contact SiberDC 24/7. After a free preliminary review, the SiberDC team will provide you with a special offer.
SiberDC provides 99.9% protection for all possible attack types. Thanks to the special protection made to your system, your work will continue without interruption.
DDoS, ie Distributed Denial of Service attacks, are aimed entirely at the accessibility of information security elements. This type of attack, which occurred before the DoS (Denial of Service), ie from a single source to the target, has been transformed from multiple sources to a single target to increase its intensity over time.

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