Gelişmiş DDoS Koruması

SiberDC has been working on DDoS protection since 2011 and produces projects. Your apps, games, websites etc. We provide advanced DDoS protection for your services. We put your services under DDoS protection with our knowledge and knowledge, without being connected to the outside completely with our own infrastructure and equipment. We offer a 99% DDoS protection guarantee especially on your game servers and websites.

DDoS is the biggest problem of many game servers. Often the reason that game servers shut down or sink is because they get DDoS attacks. As SiberDC, we save you from this trouble. We protect all your ports regardless of TCP or UDP protocol for your game servers. We already have protection for major games and ports in our firewall infrastructure for years. MTA, SA-MP, FiveM, CS: GO, Half-Life infrastructure games, Minecraft, Rust, Ark, Arma 3, Knight Online PvP Server, Metin2 PvP Server, Silkroad Pvp Server etc. We have proven firewall infrastructure in many games. We offer free private protection for games that are not popular and are protected in most places. You can contact us about DDoS protection.

One of the services that are most exposed to DDoS attack today is websites. Unfortunately, websites that have risen, proved and succeeded in certain places lose access to their sites by being exposed to DDoS attack by their competitors or dislikes. Generally, in order to damage SEO, websites are attacked and attacked. As SiberDC company, we save you from this burden and problem. With the reverse proxy infrastructure of NGINX without moving server or hosting, we only pass NS addresses of your site and pass you through the firewall and protect your site. We protect your website, which many companies sell for tens, hundreds of dollars and still cannot protect, by offering a 99% guarantee at the lowest prices suitable for your budget. Any GET / POST Flood attacks, etc. that may come to your site. we prevent attacks and ensure that your website does not shut down. Our DDoS protection is also 100% SEO friendly. You can contact us to take advantage of our DDoS protection service.

Some of the features we offer in DDoS protection;

Layer 3 and 4 Level Protection IP Based Protection Private Port Protection Packet Filtering
TCP + UDP Protection Special Protection for Games IP Filtering Rule On Demand
Layer 7 Protection WAF Service HTTP FLOOD Protection Web Site Security
DDoS Protection Botnet Protection SYN Spoofing Protection Reverse Proxy System

I Want Protection! How am I going to buy?
  • Protect your system and business. You can contact SiberDC 24/7 to protect yourself from cyber attacks. After the free preliminary examination, SiberDC team will offer you the protection you need with a special offer.

Protection in All Types
  • SiberDC provides 99.9% protection for all possible attack types. Thanks to the protection made specifically for your system, your business will continue its operations without interruption.

So, What is DDoS?
  • DDoS, the Distributed Denial of Service attacks, is aimed at accessibility from information security elements. This type of attack, which previously emerged only as a DoS (Denial of Service), which is the attack against a target from a single source, has turned into a single target attack method from many sources in order to increase its severity over time.


Any questions? We have precise answers.
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